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Material price feed index page

July 2, 2013

Following on from the work I did last week with the websockets and front page dashboard items, I’ve taken it the next step and produced a mineral index page showing all 4 main racial trade hubs and current prices in said stations.

At a glance you can see the price difference in trit between Jita and Amarr and also keep an eye on what the market is currently doing.  Prices are updated in real time and if you mouse over each cell you can get further information about the order such as when it was issued, it’s duration, when it was collected and sent by the client, when it arrived at the consumer and the latency (delay) it took for the information to arrive.

Prices will change from green (price going up), red (price going down) and blue (no change to the price since last update).  Changes in price will flash the back ground yellow letting you know when changes in the market are going on.  Please note though that the updates won’t work on the IGB at present.  This is because the in game browser doesn’t support web sockets at present, so page updates will need to be manual for now.  I could add an ajax type update (like that currently still on the dashboard home page for IGB and non websocket browsers) if there is demand for it.

The “live” index can be viewed here and of course the obligatory screeny

Screenshot from 2013-07-03 00:21:57

I will be expanding on this feature over the next week or so.  The next addition will be a 24 hour track of the prices with nice line graphs showing price trends.  Probably a scatter graph as well to show how many updates are processed during peak and slow hours.  I’ll also be plugging in the rest of the site mineral price lookups into the live mongo cache which will speed things up a bit more.


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