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Project compression calculator

February 15, 2013

This update will effect mainly those of us who operate in null or lowsec and move large quantities of minerals in one go.  The best method of doing this is with compression.  Only problem with compression is that the levels of materials you need to compress all the trit and pyerite rarely line up with your project need so you always have to end up buying more of things like isogen and pye if you’re using 425mm railguns like most people do.   I usually keep forgetting how much extra isogen I’ve used so currently I have an excess of isogen that means I probably don’t need to buy any for a couple of months now.  Unfortunately it’s all up in our production system.  damn.  This widget will take the pain out of those calcs and help you decide what needs to come back from production to go into the next round of compressions.  Eventually you should have the same number of isogen and pye going round and round the system meaning you only ever have to buy the project requirement.

A new tab on a project’s view lets you specify a blueprint to work from, the ME, PE for time and with a pivot mechanic lets you pick which mineral to base the compression on.  You can also decide to go with a full compression need or just for the unassigned minerals.  The result will tell you how how many units of compressed item you can make, what you will have left over or how much extra you need to buy in order to make it work, how much will be lost on reprocessing (not including NPC/sov holder tax) and most imporantly, the M3 volume you will end up hauling with your loose ends and compressed items.  Extra materials show up as 0M3 as those minerals will in fully used up in the compression.


* Edit *

I’ve added a mechanic to allow you to enter in multiple blurprints at a go and select between those as well to find the best compression ratio.


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