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WTS contracts and project overhaul

January 24, 2013

One of the long asked for features and something that I’ve been diligently working on for the past few days was a better method of assigning WTS contracts to projects.  I’ve always sold directly on market then assigned the sell transactions and any contracts were pretty much direct so I assigned the journal entry associated to the contract to the project but the financial side, profit per unit, tax etc were never really calculated properly so it didn’t give a true figure of how you were performing.  I basically fudged it for quickness.  As part of the projects rebuild, I kept this request in mind, mainly because I am now selling our carriers as WTSs, so added the ability to assign contracts to a project after the contract had been completed.

The main problem I still had was that I had not really implemented into the API methods a means of efficiently getting the contract items allowing you to assign the correct contract to the appropriate project item.  But tonight I sailed over that hurdle adjusting the API call to grab any unknown contract items for corporate and personal so all you have to do is assign that contract to the project when the sale has gone through.

But I’m not finished yet.

Over the course of the next few nights and probably the weekend as well, I’ll be adding the functionality to add WTS contracts to projects as soon as the API has picked it up in their “in Progress” state.  The financial tab will be altered to show any “In Progress” contracts and the potential funds outstanding so you can have a picture of expenses, income and still to take.

ETA I can’t give as I have to fit this around my RL work and as I’ve got inlaws up for the rest of the week, I’ll have to be political and spend some time with them.  Late night coding sessions are always the best anyway I find.  Tweets, blogs and reddits will go out as and when I get there.

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