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Copy and pasting – Space is all about spreadsheets these days

August 20, 2012

As it turns out nearly everything in eve online can be Ctrl+A Ctrl+C ed.  Directional scans, mineral scan results even inventory can be copied to clipboard.  So I had to take advantage of this feature and hopefully make a few lives easier.

Back in the day when I wrote the material reports section, we couldn’t Ctrl+C the contents of an inventory window (at least to my knowledge anyway) so everything had to be input manually.  Until I added the fleetlog uploader, then the asset grabber to streamline things.  But even those are prone to error or lag waiting for API cacheduntil timers to get old.

Then recently someone asked me if they could copy the contents of the mineral scanner somehow.  The logic was that if they warped an orca  right into belt, do a scan then copy paste the results into some widget and get an overall value of the belt.

So on I hopped onto SISI for some experimentations and what not and what I found is that nearly all the CTRL+C data from eve is in the same format.

Item Name \t quantity \t group Name \t volume

So all I needed to do was parse the 1st 2 fields to get name and quantity.  Functions that I’d already written into the site for material report fleetlogs.  So all I had to do was take what I’d already written in other areas of the site to parse text fields, build up the data object to feed into the material reports section and boom, you can now Ctrl+C your inventory and mineral scans right into the material reports section.

And, I’ve added the feature to the public end as well so people not registered can use the Price check feature by checking the “show refined worth” checkbox.

So now everyone has an easy to use lookup widget to get the current refined value of their current stock or that gravi belt they just discovered without all the hassle of having to enter values in one at a time.  I bet even Chribba would find this feature handy for his veld fleet 😉

  1. Junoo Roppo permalink

    There’s a small issue with ship fittings from contracts, they will not show up. I worked on a similar tool and found out there’s a space in front of the name.


    • Missing a trim(). thanks for pointing that out. will be fixed in the next update

  2. Brilliant! TSV eh? Just found my way here via Serpentine. I’ve been rolling my own solutions in an amateurish way in spreadsheets. One of my original plans was to get on and write some code for my own purposes and track everything automagically. I’ve been too busy playing and blogging about it all to have chance though. Any tips for starting? I got as far as reading somewhere that the static data dump was moving to YAML at some point in the future. I figure I might wait on that since I’ve got almost no free time after my Noob ventures.

  3. Hm, I don’t get the report on the Price Checking. Shouldn’t “Actual Item” report the value of each item according to price setting while the Refined Materials show the value of each item as a sum of its mineral value according to the same price setting? If done this way, you have yourself a reprocess or keep to sell tool, perhaps the result should be sorted by value.

    • I agree. This is going to be sorted and released in the next stage of updates that I’m currently working on and QA testing

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